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Early Bird Service

To schedule an early drop-off, please fill out the form and submit below, then drop your vehicle off at our shop at the time you have selected.

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  • I understand, because of the EARLY BIRD SERVICE, I am unable to receive a copy of the estimated cost, however I agree to call dealer prior to 10:00 AM on the morning of drop-off to receive the estimate. I hereby authorize the above listed repair work and agree to sign a Repair Order covering the work to be performed, including necessary materials at the time vehicle is picked up.

    If ADDITIONAL work is required or recommended, please phone me for authorization. Customer is hereby notified that the said property is not insured or protected to the amount of the actual cash value of thereof, or otherwise, against loss occasioned by theft, fire or vandalism while the property remains with the dealer.
  • I also understand that the Dealer is not a depository for personal property left in the vehicle, and the Dealer will not be responsible for any loss there from.
  • Sign envelope • Lock car • Put keys in envelope and seal • Write your name and phone number on the envelope • Deposit in our mail slot.